6     D-Star

TitelPorte til D-Star
BeskrivelseHer er et link til en side der fortæller om de porte der skal åbnes for, hvis man vil bruge faciliteterne i ircDDBGateway og repeater programmerne:

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Jeg har kopieret siden ind herunder fordi Jim har forladt os for altid. Jeg ved derfor ikke hvor længe der vil være adgang til hans side.

Her er indhold fra Jim's side:

Ports used for ircDDBGateway & Repeaters

These ports need to be forwarded/opened, INBOUND to the computer running IRCDDBGATEWAY:
20001 UDP, DPlus
30001 UDP, DExtra
30051 UDP, DCS
30061-4 UDP, CCS, 1-4 assigned to modules A-E in that order (only 4 modules in the gateway).
40000 UDP, Callsign Routing
20019 UDP, RemoteControl, only if your using it remotely, can be
any number from 1025 to 65535 that isn't already used.

These port are also used but don't need to be forwarded:
9007 TCP, OUTBOUND, ircddb server connection.
14580 TCP, OUTBOUND to GPS,APRS,DPRS server.

These are OUTBOUND ONLY, usually don't need forwarding.
20002 - 20007 UDP, DPlus
30002 - 30007 UDP, DExtra
30052 - 30057 UDP, DCS

These only need to be forwarded if you are running something remotely over the internet such as a repeater at a remote location from the gateway. Note you will also have to use the REAL INTERNET ADDRESSES when doing this, or 192.168.x.x won't work in this situation.
This one needs to be opened on the GATEWAY end only.
20010 UDP Default for INBOUND to gateway
These would need to be opened on the REPEATER end only.
20011 UDP Default for Repeater 1 INBOUND
20012 UDP Default for Repeater 2 INBOUND
20013 UDP Default for Repeater 3 INBOUND
20014 UDP Default for Repeater 4 INBOUND

Networking logic is; if it ORIGINATES from your computer and goes out it doesn't need any ports forwarded. If it is something that originates somewhere else and needs to COME IN, you need to "OPEN THE DOOR" for it by setting up the port forwarding to the computer it needs to go to. It might help to think of the router as a LOCKED FRONT DOOR, you can open it from the inside and go out, but to come in you need to unlock it to open it, this is done by setting up the port forwarding.